First Offender Drinking Driver Program:

For first-time offenders of the Driving Under the Influence (DUI) law, a 12, 32, 45, or 60- hour program is available to meet the court’s requirement for education.

Clients learn about alcohol and other drugs, alcoholism and other addiction-related diseases, about laws related to drinking and driving, and how to avoid a second offense.

Groups are available Monday through Thursday in the late afternoon and early evening and on Tuesday morning.

English and Spanish-speaking services are available.

Sitike Counseling Centers DUI programs comply with local court, state system and DMV mandates. Services include individual and group counseling and education and are offered in both day and evening times.

Our programs include:

Oak Leaf Wet Reckless Program
Oak Leaf First Offenders

Wet Reckless/Education Program:

Program Length
Frequency Cost 1st Payment
12 weeks Call for details $370  $100.00

There are three different levels of First Offender Programs offered:

Program Length
Frequency Cost 1st Payment
3 month (32 hour)     15 weeks $715 $100
6 month (45 hour) 27 weeks $1,145 $100
9 month  (60 hour) 39 weeks $1,535 $100



Oak Leaf Where are your programs offered?
306 Spruce Avenue, South San Francisco, CA.

Oak Leaf How do I enroll?
In order to enroll, you will need an initial enrollment appointment. To schedule an appointment call Sitike Counseling Center @ (650) 589-9305.

Oak Leaf What do I need in order to enroll?
At your enrollment appointment you will need to bring the required deposit noted above and a copy of your current court/DMV paperwork referring you to the program. If you are re-enrolling you must pay a re-enrollment fee plus any past due amount for services already received. You also must have current court/DMV referral paperwork.


Oak Leaf Do I have to enroll with my court papers?
Yes. You may not enroll if you don’t have an active court referral. Be sure to check your enrollment date on your court referral. If no date is listed most counties require you to enroll within 21 days of your court referral. If you are enrolling for DMV only and court is no longer involved you will need a printout of your DMV record (H6) less than 30 days old.

Oak Leaf What if I was originally referred elsewhere?
You must contact both the court and the agency you were originally referred to in order to inform them of your enrollment at Sitike Counseling Center and to avoid a warrant for failure to enroll at original agency. If it is outside of San Mateo County, you may need approval from the court.

Oak Leaf Can I pay later and not at enroll?
No. For first time enrollments the required deposit fee noted above will be due at intake or you will not be able to enroll. If you are re-enrolling, you must pay a re-enrollment fee plus any past due amount for services already received. At intake, a monthly payment plan is established for the remaining balance of your program.


Oak Leaf Can I enroll before I go to court?
First offenders MAY be eligible to enroll prior to court sentencing. You will need to obtain from the DMV your H6 Long Form which is less than 30 days old and your violation must be listed.

Oak Leaf Do you send my enrollment/completion papers to court?
It is 100% your responsibility to ensure that both enrollment and completion paperwork are filed with the courts by the court mandated dates to avoid a warrant for your arrest.

Oak Leaf What time are groups?
Groups are offered during the day and evening hours.

Oak Leaf Do I go to the same group every time?
Yes. For consistency you will attend the same group each time. If you need to change groups, you may do so, but you may not switch back and forth between groups repeatedly.


Oak Leaf Can I miss group because of my work schedule?
Most programs allow for a certain number of absences. An absence fee is charged for each absence.

Oak Leaf What do I do if I move out of the area?
Before moving out of the area, you should check with court to see that this is possible within your conditions of probation and that a program is offered in that area. Talk to your counselor if probation approves your move out of the area and you wish to transfer to another program. California DMV will not accept a program out of the state of California. If you plan to move out of state you must consult with DMV in each state involved.

Oak Leaf Can you do the program faster?
No. Each Program has a minimum time requirement and cannot be completed sooner as it won’t be accepted by the courts or DMV.


Oak Leaf How do I pay?
We accept cash, check, money order and Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card.
Following your initial enrollment, you will be set up with a payment plan.

Oak Leaf What happens if I can’t pay?
If you are unable to pay, discuss options with your counselor. Failure to pay MAY result in suspension of program attendance or termination from the program.


Oak Leaf When do I get my restricted license? What about insurance? Do I need an interlock device?
Each case is vastly different, consult with DMV.

For more information, follow this link to the DMV website and search key words related to your question (i.e., restricted license, interlock device, SR-22, etc…)


Oak Leaf I just got my first DUI, do I need to enroll in a drinking driver program before court?
No. It is not necessary to enroll into a drinking driver program prior to court.

Oak Leaf I was told it would look better in court if I’m proactive by enrolling into the drinking driver program prior to court. The judge will go “easy” on me. Is this true?
No. Most judges in California will order a defendant to a certain amount of treatment hours based on the defendant’s BAC (blood alcohol content).

Oak Leaf Can I just stop by to enroll or do I need an appointment?
Every client needs an intake appointment that consists of paperwork, paying a deposit, meeting with a counselor, and obtaining proof of enrollment for appropriate court and the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Oak Leaf What documentation do I need to enroll?
At Sitike Counseling Center, we require either a current court order or an H-6 long form from the DMV. The client’s violation must be listed on their H-6 Long Form. We recommend waiting 2-3 weeks after your violation to go to the DMV to obtain your H-6 long form.

Oak Leaf Do I have to go to the DMV to obtain my H-6 and how much does it cost?
Yes, you personally must go to the DMV to obtain an H-6. You cannot download it from the internet and your attorney cannot obtain it for you. The cost is $5 from the DMV.

Oak Leaf I have a court order or an H-6 long form from the DMV. How do I enroll?
If you were ordered by the County of San Mateo and referred to us, the court will mail us a copy of your court order. You may contact the office about a week after your court date to schedule your intake. If you were ordered by an out of county court, you may either bring us your court order and we will make you a future intake appointment or you may fax your court order to us with your contact number and we will call you to make your intake appointment. You may either fax or come by the office with your H-6 to schedule an intake.


Oak Leaf I was under 21 when I got my DUI. Can I get a restricted license?
No. The DMV will revoke your license for 1 year.

Oak Leaf What is a restricted license and what are the requirements to obtain one?
A restricted license is issued by the DMV. To qualify, you must be at least 21 at the time of your DUI, not refused a breathalizer, be enrolled in at least a 32 hour first offender drinking driver program and obtain SR-22 insurance from your automobile insurance company.

Oak Leaf Can I attend more than one group per week so that I may finish my program quicker?
No. You may only attend one group per week as specified in the program requirements.


Oak Leaf What if I have more questions?

Contact Sitike Counseling Center at 650.589-9305 for more information.


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