Sitike Counseling Center partners with many San Mateo agengies, including the San Mateo County Adult Probation, Parole, and Child Protective Services Departments.  We also partner with foundations and community providers.

County Partners

San Mateo County Human Services Agency
San Mateo County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services
San Mateo County Health Department
San Mateo County Alcohol and Other Drug Services
San Mateo County Adult Probation
San Mateo County Child Protective Services
St. Vincent de Paul
Soroptimists of North San Mateo County
South San Francisco Rotary

Current & Past Foundation Partners

South San Francisco Foundation for Youth
VanLobenSels/RembeRock Foundation
Atkinson Foundation
Schwab Foundation
Genentech Foundation
Lockheed Martin Employees Foundation
Bay Meadows Foundation
San Francisco Foundation
Crescent Porter Hale Foundation
Peninsula Community Foundation

Corporate Partners

Kaiser Permanente
South San Francisco Scavengers
Blue Line Transfer
Liberty Bank
First National Bank
Good & Fowler
Five Bridges and
Mills-Peninsula Health Services

Community Partners

City of South San Francisco
Town of Colma
Horizon Services
Project Ninety
Youth and Family Enrichment Services
Asian American Recovery Services
Women’s Recovery Association
Free At Last
El Centro de Libertad
Palm Avenue Detox
Latino Commission
Our Common Ground
Pyramid Alternatives





Join Us
Sitike is looking for new board members. If you would like to join us on the Board of Directors, please call us at 650-589-9305. Please download a letter about being on the board and a board application form here.Our board meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, in the second floor conference room at 306 Spruce Avenue. We invite you to come and check it out. It is a wonderful and rewarding way to get involved in your community.


Our mission is to provide community-based counseling and education in a safe and healing environment that embraces the cultural and emotional needs of every client and to help people find hope, resiliency and life-affirming change.

Our vision is a community where diversity, compassion, healing and growth are encouraged, valued and celebrated. The devastating effects of substance abuse, mental illness and violence are diminished. Relationships, families and children thrive.

Sitike believes that real, sustained recovery is possible for anyone caught in the web of alcohol and/or other drug addiction.

We are committed to assisting all who walk through our doors in understanding why they are here and assist them in developing the tools they need to turn their lives around.

Call us at 650.589.9305