Our Mission

Our mission is to provide community-based counseling and education in a safe and healing environment that embraces the cultural and emotional needs of every client and to help people find hope, resiliency and life-affirming change.

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Our Vision

Our vision is a community where diversity, compassion, healing and growth are encouraged, valued and celebrated. The devastating effects of substance abuse, mental illness and violence are diminished. Relationships, families and children thrive.

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I am a recovering addict- a miracle of Sitike. Recovery gave me myself back...gave me integrity, dignity and courage...taught me how to be a mother, a woman, a friend... and how to live life clean and sober, one day at a time
Lisa San Mateo County resident
Even though this was an experience I did not want to have, I am leaving really impressed with how welcoming all of the staff are and how much I have learned.
Linda Burlingame
Sitike is an Apache word meaning a group of non-related people who come to the aid of a person in crisis.
I was very scared about being judged and that did not happen. I was scared about being treated badly and that did not happen. I expected to not be understood and that did not happen. What happened is that I got my life and my family back.
George Pacifica

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